Punjab Rivers

Punjab Rivers

Punjab is also a province of Pakistan and is known as “Land of rivers”. Its capital is “Lahore” and is famous with the name of “City of Gardens”. It has many historical buildings that are an attraction for tourists. Furthermore, Punjab is contributing 24% in the country’s economy in the area of industry. Agriculture is another very important financial contribution sector.
When it comes to sports and culture, PSCF is looking into its music and dance talent. It has famous musicians that contributed in this field by giving classical ragas. Tabla and harmonium are the most cherished musical instruments. Folklore and Punjabi literature are full of famous personalities and stories. Folklore songs, ballads, epics and romances are generally written and sung in the various Punjabi dialects. PSCF believes that Punjab is full of such talent and there is need to show such people a door to guide them towards the rightful destination. Noteworthy sports teams are playing in different categories, however, PSCF is going to make it accessible to all people who are not getting enough chances to exhibit their talent

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